TopHat creates certainty at every stage of the property development process, offering an end-to-end service, from design to delivery. Our technology-led innovation for design transforms the development value chain into a real-time connected ecosystem that allows you to control your development. Our mission is to empower a world of designers.

Our core principles



TopHat brings certainty to property development by integrating all parts of the process into an integrated end-to-end service. TopHat develops fast, to high quality standards and at an affordable price to give you peace of mind.


TopHat empowers anyone to design beautiful buildings to world-class engineering standards. The flexibility and ease of use of our design approach makes it suitable for all and creates buildings you can take pride in. TopHat empowers a world of designers.


TopHat has integrated the design and supply chain of construction into a controlled value chain to precision engineer new buildings. Our quality assurance procedures exceed industry standards, so the development designed is the development delivered.



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