BoKlok UK, the sustainable, quality low-cost home provider, jointly owned by Skanska and IKEA, has announced that it has appointed leading technology-driven modular housing manufacturer TopHat, to help deliver part of its first product offering in the UK.

The five-year contract will see TopHat work with BoKlok to manufacture two and three-bedroom houses. Like all BoKlok developments, the homes will be made from timber frames and will feature key BoKlok characteristics such as natural light, low energy consumption and IKEA fittings. All homes will be BOPAS (Building Offsite Property Assurance Scheme) certified. TopHat was selected as a key supply chain partner due to its commitment to quality and sustainability. Its precision-led Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) technology is the first of its kind; using sustainable materials in factories to produce high quality homes at pace.

“We are delighted to be working with TopHat. We share the same ambition to bring innovation and sustainability to the UK housing market, which means attractive and good quality homes for people on average incomes.”

Graeme Culliton, BoKlok UK Managing Director and Country Manager